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Galleria Balmain

Galleria Balmain

Bringing affordable art to the people

Galleria Balmain is an online curator based in London. Their aim is to introduce emerging artists to a global audience. Through online promotion, social interaction, real-time online art auctions & face-to-face events. The challenge was to create a brand identity that appealed to the artists themselves to encourage representation & also potential art buyers.


The future moves

The logo design works as both a static image & animated logo-mark. An elegant & simple solution representative of the ever-changing diverse voices within the fine art world.

It was apparent from the beginning that Galleria Balmain's social media presence was integral. A set of clearly styled social media post templates was created to keep things on brand, clean & consistent. Follow @GalleriaBalmain

Galleria Balmain

Alongside creating various templates and styles for standard social media posts; custom animated stickers were created. This allows the client to create Instagram & Facebook Stories that are 'on brand' and engaging in a matter of minutes.​​​​​​​

www.galleriabalmain.com - The website design was an integral part of the project - as the most part of the companies actions and sales are expected to be online. Creating an on brand, simple and easy to use system for both artists and buyers.

To accompany promotion via the social media channels, email marketing templates were made to ensure subscribers are updated on company news directly! This allows Galleria Balmain to be able to directly track sales and interest in different artworks, whilst spreading general fine art news and notify buyers of new products and art auctions in real time.

Last but not least, business cards to allow the directors, curators and sales staff to engage with individuals face to face at events, exhibitions and art fairs.